About SWAN

The Singapore-Western Australia Network (SWAN), offers an inter-generational link between Singaporeans and Australians of different ages and a showcase for the Singapore and Asia Pacific community‚Äôs contribution to Australia. SWAN’s most distinctive characteristics is its commitment to non-business activities in culture and the arts, and its determination to network with non-Singaporeans in Australia. SWAN is an association not related to any institution or government.

Through our activities we hope to meet Singaporeans and ex-Singaporeans anywhere in Australia. Hence, SWAN is not just for current Singaporeans, we are for friends of Singapore, Australians or others who have married a Singaporean or ex-Singaporean, long-term migrants here and Australian-born youngsters with a Singapore heritage, as well as transients on business contracts or studying at the universities, present or future citizens or permanent residents of Singapore.

One of the main motivations for setting up SWAN is the desire to demonstrate to Australians that the Singapore community is more than just trade and commerce. Through the arts, culinary skills, intellectual and sporting excellence, we represent the full multicultural tapestry and complex society of Singapore. SWAN organises plays, movies and concerts, debates and lectures, exhibitions and fairs and fun social gatherings.

Our Vision:

To create a community of Singapore-linked people in Australia to connect and cooperate with each other and the broader community, for mutual benefit.

To showcase the achievements and contributions of Singapore-related people and Asia Pacific in the fields of the arts, culture, education and sports and to act as an information exchange and clearing house so as to network effectively and constructively with the wider Australian community.

If you would like to find out more, do drop us a line with the feedback form or you may email us directly at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.